Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Planning Session for 2014/15 F/W


デザインに悩みながら、素材のオーダーミニマムに悩み、スケジュールに悩み 全員オーバーワークとなります。


例えばジロマニカ、ディリット、(袖付けをまっすぐに)ガッフューンガッフ、アームホール ストレイト.


I have non-stop meeting everyday together with staff coming into Hong Kong from Milan, Paris and Tokyo. We discuss many facts such as 'this green is no good. It should be dark shinny green' 'It is better to open front for more 2cm' We are looking for an answer that doesn't have no correct answer.  We struggle with design, minimum order quantity and schedule. We all overworked. Sometime we have different opinions but make joke saying 'I will come to you tonight and strangle your neck' On the table, we talk in English, but We start to speak French, Italian, Cantonese and Japanese when we get tired. We have different mentality but we respect each other and look for answers that have no correct answers. I am proud of this team and I love them. Meeting will continue until the maximum timing when they will leave for mid-night flight to Milan and Paris.