Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 21 Hongkong

最近Face bookばかりの情報発信で、ブログを書く事が減っています。
I have less chance to write in my blog because I have more chance in Facebook.
ANTEPRIMA had Fashion Show in Milan and had one in Rome because 400th Anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Japan and Italy.
After staying in Italy for one month, I came back to Hong Kong, and worked for 2014FW project.
I went to Kanazawa for talk with Mrs. Morechand in 21th Century Museum. 
ANTEPRIMA has license agreement with 10 companies so I had continuous meetings with each licensees,  sometimes followed by dinner. I enjoyed or (too much enjoyed) everyday.
I came back to Hong Kong yesterday, so I have been writing blog. I have my staff arrived to Hong Kong from LA, Japan and Milan and we all smiled saying how good we could possess supernatural power to move instantly.

(Back stage during show)

(very helpful Odell and Lloyd)

(Mona is 15 years old. She has bright future)

(I was with Mr. Sugimoto, producer of Bunraku, in Japanese Embassy in Rome) 

(I came back to Japan for talk with Mrs. Morechand in Kanazawa 21th Century Museum)

(Mr. Morita's book published celebration party)

(Au Yeung Fi Fi's concert with Lesley Kee)