Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello Kitty!


2011年9月には特別ゲストとしてKITTYをイタリアまで来させてくれたり、ロスではParis Hiltonを紹介してもらい、Lady GagaにKittyワイヤーバックを届けてくださったり、その他にも数々の有名な方々にワイヤーバックを届けて下さいました。




I received sad news that Mr. Kunihiko Tsuji, Vice president of Sanrio, passed away. I have a lot of memories with him. I don't know what to say. Please sleep peacefully. The next flight for him to fly is to the Heaven.
He sent Hello-Kitty to Italy as a special guest in Sep 2011. He introduced me Ms. Paris Hilton in LA. He sent Kitty wirebag as a gift to Lady Gaga. He sent my wirebags to many celebrities. He was just like a PR supporter of ANTEPRIMA wirebag.
He liked Tom's Sand in Daikanyama since he was a student, it is me, also, so I felt he was a good friend of my schoolmates. 
I had dinner together in LA, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and talked topics such as how to recover from jet-lag.
I guess we flew too much. I need to slow-down my work schedule.
I cannot believe his death. I send my deep condolence to him.