Friday, September 6, 2013

ANTEPRIMA Dialy 2014




昨日もイタリアより美味しい?と思う名シェフ佐竹さんが作る鰺のスパゲティーを馬喰町の  RENEAというお店で食べてきました。



そして、昨日のRENEA 。


I still like to hand-write when putting schedule in diary, so I made 2014 Diary with Takarajima.
This ANTEPRIMA Diary will be on sale in major book stores and ANTEPRIMA boutiques in Japan.
Here you can see my favorite shops and restaurants so you might see me in these places. Please talk to me when you see me.
I had spaghetti with fish in RENEA cooked by Mr. Satake, in Bakurocho yesterday where I myself think this restaurant is better than any other in Italy.
There are still many delicious food in the world. I don't know if the restaurant is happy to be introduced. But delicious food makes people happy, so I don't enjoy only by myself and would like to share with you.
I have many friend who likes to eat so they will also suggest for you.
Recently, I found out Dougen (BBQ in Dougenzaka)
Kushikanzashi in Pontocho, in Kyoto (Hisa san's restaurant)
and yesterday's RENEA
I will finish my Japan stay in this week and will go to Milan for fashion show held on 19 Sep, so I will fly to Milan through Hong Kong. What dinner shall I have in my last day in Japan?