Friday, August 9, 2013

Playground and Toys

Playgrounds and Toys 2000


Fashion is one of the flame of the Art..と言えるか?それは何故 について改めて考え講義できる内容にまとめている所。



It has been 13 years since I joined project of Playgrounds and Toys 2000
Time flies so quickly. The photo is my first project (this is a treasure bag, that can be game when open, that can be a sleeping bag)

It has been 18 years since Biennale Venice, where Mr. Junji Ito worked as a curator and Mr. Senju got an award in 1995. I have been interested in art and joined the project, however, I don't think I can be a specialist in art. I just enjoy my feeling, that's all.

I am in such style. But, I was honorably asked to be a speaker about relationship between art & fashion in Kanazawa Museum in October. Can I say Fashion is one of the flame of the art, this is my topic and I have been making of my speech.

I have been traveling between Japan, Italy and Hong Kong so my language became deteriorated. This could be because I have been talking English with people with non-native English language. Many language go around in my mind so it is hard to make speech.

Children never mix English and Japanese when speaking, But I sometimes mix up with Italian. I can not be beaten by children, who change to Coca Cola from Coke in Japanese.