Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mr.Alan Chan

Alan Chan   は香港で有名なグラフィックアーティストだ。
Milano Saloneにて彼の作品をANTEPRIMAショールームにて展示。

Mr. Alan Chan is a famous graphic artist in Hong Kong.  He has introduced not only graphic but also many arts. He is interested in architecture so set up architect section in his office. Since citysuper logo was created by him, we have kept in touch for over 15 years. We have many chances to meet in Milan, Venice, Beijing, Hong Kong and Japan but I had dinner with him at first time for just two of us. Knowing for a long term makes people relax from distance and tense, and we, both, are surprised for the first dinner. ANTEPRIMA Show Room exhibits his art during Milan Salone.