Friday, April 19, 2013

Female Entrepreneur

(Mrs Cissy Pao-Watari)



そうした働く女性達を代表するとも言って良い、女性起業家Mrs.Cissy Pao-Watariさんの昨日は講演でした。

楽しいアートショッピングエリアを夢見て、20年前から苦労して作り上げた彼女の功績は大変なものです。(上海 武庸路376・フランス租界)こんなおしゃれな場所が上海にあるのだと私も驚いたものでした。



Hong Kong is the city where women are easy to work.  This is because Hong Kong accepts overseas contract worker as domestic helper from The Philippines and other countries so women can work without bothering from house hold work.
Wage of domestic helper (stay-in) one month is HK$3760. They have one holiday a week, but holidays can be reimbursed with mutual agreement. Contract duration is 2 years. ANTEPRIMA Hong Kong office has many married female staff. I think this is the reason. 
Mrs. Cissy Pao-Watari is female entrepreneur, and is the representative of working female. I attended her speech yesterday. She said "I wanted to make a good shopping mall that combines Art and Business - these 2 different extreme."  China has many restrictions to develop markets also for Hong Kong people. She made a beautiful artistic shopping mall in 20  years. Her work is great. I was surprised to visit such a fashionable place when I was in Shanghai. This gathering consists of Japanese top management of Japanese companies in Hong Kong so they have male members more than female, such as Ms. Kawai, Bank of Japan, so I was invited to support my friend, Cissy.
I hope more female entrepreneur will be born under the comfortable working circumstances.