Saturday, March 9, 2013

ALPHA CUBIC  Mr.Ryouzo Shibata







31歳 現在 千鳥が淵のマンションで一人暮らし.。乗っている車はレンジロ―バー..。



I had soba dinner with Mr. Ryozo Shibata in Shisenan, Shitameguro, Tokyo.
Mrs. Emi Aoki and me are good friends for a long time and go out together in Roppongi, but today is the first time I meet with Mr. Shibata.
Mr. Shibata born in 1943, and me are graduates of Seijo School and have so much common friends. Finally Dominique in Paris, who is a common friends of us pointed out to Emi san saying [ it is very strange that you have not met Mr. Shibaya yet. You must see him]. That's why it is dinner today.

Why we did not see before? The more we talk, the more we know  that we have so much common friends but so strange that we did not meet until now. He is so gentle and generous so I did not feel any tense to see school-senior at first time. I had a very good time.

He gave me his book (so many common friends come out in this book, too), but I am interested in the muse, which Alpha Cubic targets, in this book. She is intelligence and sexy. Her story in 5 pages makes me to grow imagination. She is 31 years old, lives alone and her car is Land Rover.

It is now that I want to make ANTEPRIMA muse in story. Can I make my story as good as Mr. Shibata?

I sent photo, which I took together with Mr. Shibata. Dominique and Natalie replied and asked me to join golf in St. Emilion. Does Mr. Shibata go?
The world is small and I am happy to connect with many friends.