Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mami Nunoya + Jinka Nezu Lovely woman

ANTEPRIMA設立時に一緒に仕事をしていた根津 仁香さんと子供がインターの幼稚園に通っていた頃お世話になった丹生谷 真美先生とFaceBook上で再開、今宵は楽しく八雲茶寮にて食事会。

丹生谷 真美さんは。美しく歳を重ね、いつまでも、をんな。(いくつになっても素敵でいる80の秘訣。)手紙の作法、母から学んだきちんと綺麗な暮らし方など数々の本を出版されている。

根津仁香さんはJinka Nezu Collecitonを作成されたり、御主人の根津甚八さんを題材に俳優と言う職業はかくも壮絶なのか?と言う本を出版されたりしてる。


I had dinner in Yagumo Saryo with Mrs. Jinka Nezu, who worked together during start-up of ANTEPRIMA, and Mrs. Mami Nyunoya, whose children were in the same International Kindergarten as my son. I didn't see them for a long time.
Mrs. Nyunoya is beautiful as ever published many books writing about manner in letters or nice living taught by her mother. She was a regular member of TV program teaching manners. She has a sense of humour.
Mrs. Jinka Nezu established Jinka Nezu Collection and also published a book writing about her husband - an actor.
Everybody has problem but we just don't show to anybody. They are still beautiful and elegant. If I put my thought in Mrs. Nyunoya's words, I think they are strong enough to love their own life, to love people and to stay as they are