Monday, February 4, 2013

Culture club Citysuper HK.

香港ショッピングガイドの為に、HKCity Superを先日取材しました。

スーパーマーケット内に料理教室があるCitySuper HK.

この他にも、チョコレートなど、いろいろなCITYSUPER ブランドを作っています。

小さなレストラン、ベーカリー、おうどん屋さん、ラーメン屋さんなどもあり楽しいMega Life Style Storeです。Harbour Cityには本屋さんもあります。


Harbour City  L3 58.000 sq.ff
Times Square B1 19.000 sq.ff
ifc          L1  43.000 sq.ff

I have been making Hong Kong Shopping Guide so I visited Citysuper.
Citysuper has cooking class. All the delicacies come from all over the world. Spices with Citysuper brand are "must" item for cooling class.
I hold the olive oil (from Cicily, Italy) developed by Citysuper. Citysuper also has chocolate and others with Citysuper name. It is Mega Life Style Store with a small restaurant, bakery, Udon shop and Ramen shop. Harbour City Citysuper has a book store. Please come and visit when you come to Hong Kong.
Citysuper store size is  Harbour City L3 58.000 sq.ff/Times Square B1 19.000 sq.ff/ ifc L1 43.000 sq.ff