Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Italian guest



Firenzeからも、ANTEPRIMAのコレクションシューズ作成をお願いしている工場オーナーMr.Alessandro Del Carratoreがしばらくぶりに家族でやって来たので、香港をご案内。


Thank you for everybody worked without weekend, ANTEPRIMA 2013-2014 FW buying meeting started on schedule from yesterday. Hong Kong office is so busy with many staff came from all over the world. Mr. Alessandro Del Carratore, the shoes factory owner in Italy, who makes ANTEPRIMA collection shoes, came to Hong kong with his family so I took them around in Hong Kong.  He looked at Noodle making show in China Club and were surprised and said "how can he do it without pasta machine?" He was also happy with reflexology.