Tuesday, January 29, 2013



注目の新雑誌DRESS はgiftから4月1日に創刊されるようです。

美魔女ブームを作り上げた山本編集長(社長) 大草(FD)さん、高杉さんらと楽しく歓談でした。




We need to pay attention to a Japanese new magazine - Dress will be published on 1 April from Gift. I had a good talk with Managing Director, Ms. Yamamoto, who made a boost of Bimajo, Ms. Okusa (FD) and Ms, Takasugi.
Dress's concept is similar with ANTEPRIMA.
Women have to choose direction in many occasions and this continues. Whatever they do, have a job or not, have children or not, they need to life positively and be proud of themselves.
Dress supports their freedom, responsibility and love.
I had stomachache due to the hard schedule so I had a good congee.
I think I can work hard tomorrow, too with love from Nozaki san.