Monday, December 10, 2012

Rolling Stones 50Years

Rolling Stones

ミック ジャガー69歳。
キース リチャーズ72歳。





Rolling Stones!
Mick Jagger is 69 years old.
Keith Richards is 72 years old.

My friend of mine who lives in Paris is a groupie of Rolling Stone and chase after them to all over the world.
She helped organizing their private concert in Paris, which was a small concert with only 150 peoples. She said "Mick said to me that I didn't know the organizer of this concert, but  Queen was good"
I thought it would be hard to enter to the venue but thanks to my friend in Paris for the VIP treatment, relaxed in VIP lounge until the show started, of course, my seat was VIP. Is it ok for me to have such VIP treatment because this is my first time to the concert. The concert was cool.
I got so much power from Mick & Keith. I also want to keep on going.
Rock, rock and rock!

Barclay center バークレイセンター ニューヨーク (音も良く、良い会場だった) 
Barclay Center in New York (with good sound and good place)