Sunday, December 2, 2012

Galerie Daniel Templon

パリ快晴の土曜、明日からMiami Art Fireに出かけるMr.Templon  出発前にお会いする事が出来た。行かないのか?と言われたのはこれで3人目。

彼は1970年代からAndy Waholsなど数々の署名なアーティストをParisで紹介してきた。

On Saturday it's a fine day. I met Mr. Templon who will leave for Miami Art Fire from tomorrow.
I was asked "you are not going to Miami?" he is the third one asked the same question.
Many of my friends will leave for Miami from tomorrow.
He has been introducing many famous artists in Paris, such as Wahols.
彼が今注目しているアーティストは、Kehinde Wiley。
Mr. Templon pays attention to Kehinde Wiley now.

上記はRaphaelのThree Gracesの絵で3人の裸体女性がポーズしている有名な作品を


Above is an art, using male models from Africa, took same pose as a famous art, by taking photo and draw.This is full of humour and colors.
I have been travelling that is my part of my job, but I think I should continue travelling whenever I encounter something that makes me feel nice.