Monday, September 10, 2012



週末北京にて開催された、Mr.Alan  Chan のiEye 愛アート展を見に行きました。
このiEye 愛アート展はMilano ANTEPRIMAショールームでも行いましたが、今回798 Art Zone

ANTEPRIMAは現在SinKongPlace,China World Mall,Oriental Placeの3箇所にお店があります。


I visited the exhibition - iEye Art by Mr. Alan Chan in Beijing during weekend.
This iEye Art exhibition was held in ANTEPRIMA show room in Milan, but this time, some new arts and visuals have been introduced in 798 Art Sone. Please visit if you come to Beijing.
ANTEPRIMA has three shops in Sin Kong Place, China World Mall and Oriental Place in Beijing.
I was surprised with traffic jam in Beijing and visited shops for the first time.
There are the latest arts and newest fashion, but social network system like facebook and Twitter can't be used in China. Traffic jam continues for a whole day and people sleeps on the street.
I felt like China now is the same as Japan when I was a primary school student.