Saturday, August 25, 2012

UV Protection



今日はこれから、最後の仕上げ。北川先生 に施術してもらいます。

Today is the last Saturday during holidays.
I walked to the Buddha statue on the top of the hill where the beach ends.
I could manage to walk because I feel that Buddha waits for me. I am not a Buddhist but when I turned back, I got sun shine on my back and felt warm, then, I started feeling appreciation because I felt like Buddha pushes my back with his hands.
I played a lot under the sun for golf and fast-walking but my whole body is covered with UV protected black clothes. Do I look strange?
ANTEPRIMA hat was useful for UV cut during holidays.
I will go for Dr. Kitagawa for the final treatment.
I will cheerfully go back to Hong Kong tomorrow.