Sunday, August 12, 2012

Banyan Tree Phuket


Banyan treeのDouble Pool Villa



ホテルに近い所でお勧めはSun Set とLotus/
Lotus(海辺のシーフードレストラン。夕日が海に沈む6時ごろに予約をして行くと良いと思います。ビーチに面した席を是非。ホテルから5分乗り合いトラックの様なシャトルが出ています。)Sun Setへはタクシーで200バーツやはり5~6分(これはちょっと高めですが)飲んで食べて、一人500バーツ食べるの大変です。(100バーツは約250円)

I am in Phuket.
I stay in Double Pool Villa of Ban Yan Tree, where I can relax my mind and body with golf and bicycle everyday.
I suggest you to request a master therapist for massage in Ban Yan Tree. There are five therapists in this hotel. The price difference between in-hotel restaurant and down town is 4-5 times. Taste better is the restaurants in down town.
I like Sun Set and Lotus near the hotel. Lotus is good (Sea food restaurant near the beach is good for sun-set at around 6pm. I strongly recommend the seats facing to the beach. The hotel has a shuttle bus taking you there in 5 mins). If it is by a taxi to Sun Set, it takes also about 5-6 mins with Thai Bahts 200 (this is a little expensive), but you will drink and eat more than enough if you pay for Thai bahts 500 each person. (Thai bahts 100 is about JP 250 yen)