Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2013S/S Fashion show

毎回、中々決定しないMILANO SHOWカレンダー。
招待状もギリギリのタイミングでしか用意出来ないが、今回は前回のショーと同じ時間、同じ場所なので比較的決定が早かった。9月20日(木)Milano Castello Sforzesco 8PM.


Show calendar has been announced.
Milano Show calendar takes time to be fixed every time.
So we can prepare invitation cards on the last moment but it was quick this time because the venue and the time is same as last year. ANTEPRIMA Show is at 8pm on Thursday 20 September in Milano Castella Sforzeso.
We are preparing for the show and working for next fall-winter project.