Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good bye Dr..Wakisaka


NY,Paris,香港,東京 世界中から集まったスタッフの疲れを癒し、始終笑顔でバックステージでも人気者だった。先生のおかげで私もストレスに負けず、頚椎ヘルニアにも悩まされる事なく乗り切る事が出来た。



脇阪鍼治療院はhttp://wakisaka.info/annai/index.html お嬢さんの美加先生と息子さんがしっかりと守り続け、毎日予約が取れないほどの賑わいだと。


Dr. Wakisaka who came and helped the show in end February passed away.
He gave treatment to the staff coming from New York , Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and other parts of the world. He was popular for his smile even in the back stage. Thanking to Dr. Wakisaka, I could overcome stress and neck hernia, and could finish working.
The next show is planned on 20 September. I was asked to invite Dr. Wakisaka again. Dr. Wakisaka also agreed to join me.
I am sure all staff received his treatment will be sad about this news.
His clinic, Wakisaka Acupuncture Center will continue by his daughter, Dr. Mika and his son. The clinic is busy every day.  I am sure their father is happy by seeing their success in the Heaven.
I send my deep condolence.