Thursday, July 19, 2012


今晩は富士通の方々とドコモから発売された、F-09D ANTEPRIMA携帯打ち上げ女子会を有名ブロガーの方々とご一緒においしく帰燕で.。。。料理長石塚さんは10人の女性に囲まれて嬉しそうでした。(みなさん有名ブロガーさんなので、帰燕も沢山紹介される事でしょう)




I had a party to celebrate the launch of Docomo F-09D ANTEPRIMA Mobile phone with the staff from Fujitsu and the famous girl-bloggers in Kien. Chief chef, Mr. Ishizuka looked happy with 10 girls surrounding him. (Kien will be introduced in their famous blogs). We received wines from Mr.
Tokimura, owner of the restaurant ( owner of Tokuyama), maybe, he wants to join us.

They taught me the new and secret techniques to use the phone, so I will enjoy using it. I learnt a lot. All of them are as young as my daughter and are pretty.

*Press bottom on side and top simultaneously to make screen shot
*How to use hand-writing diary and hand-writng memo
*Software - to grow flower with pedometer is installed.
*To take out the round screen from above and change to the calculator or Google.
*How to use fisheyes lens    etc. etc.

They asked me my intention for making this mobile phone...  I answered.
Classy, pretty, sexy and cool. I chose cool pink and soft gold for color selection because I want soft and beautiful but strongly insist of soft shine.
The design should stay soft not too much insist and is good to use every day. The phone is light and is soft in color. I hope this phone in your hand will make your world broaden and grow your dream.