Monday, June 18, 2012




今宵も香港ではfenix40周年パーティーがIFC ISOLAで開催される予定で,何時からダイエット?できるか?お昼抜きを続けるか思案中。

ジュウェリーショー 開催中の香港ではホテルが取りにくい状態が続いています。


*上記写真上から福岡 手島邸 (東京八雲茶寮(紹介制)でシェフをされていた奥津さんのお店)おしゃれで美味しく、庭を見ながらやさしく出される食事にほっこり。

*福岡 吉富寿司 丸く手でやさしく丁寧に握ってくれるお寿司は、母にしか握れないお結びのようで江戸前とはちょっと違うのですが、大変美味しかったです。

*一木庵ICHIBOKUAN(福岡 白金) MYMONの経営する,会員制バー。音楽のセレクトすばらしく音響も良く、入るのにカードが無いと入れない安心できる良い空間。

*最後は鹿児島でMARUYA GARDENS を経営する柳田さん夫婦に連れて行ってもらった福わらじ。お魚が続いていたので、ちょっとほっとした美味しい夜。

ANTEPRIMA and Wirebag shop are located in Iwataya, Fukuoka. ANTEPRIMA Misto is located in Hankyu 4th Floor in front of Fukuoka Station. In the evening, I had a nice dinner with my friend, Seri san.

I have been over calories after all the delicious meals, so I skipped lunch today and I am writing this blog.  Tonight, Fenix 40th Anniversary Party will be held in Isola, IFC, so I don't know from when I can be on diet, or should I continue skipping lunch?
This weekend is my long week because 2013 SS show meeting will be held in Hong Kong. All the hotels are very full because of jewelery show. It was very hard to reserve rooms for the stylist from Paris and for staff from Milan and Japan.
I introduced good restaurants in magazines but here is my recommendation on restaurants in Fukuoka and Kagoshima.
* Photo above
Tejima tei in Fukuoka (Mr. Okutsu, former chef in Yagumosaryo in Tokyo is a owner) is trendy and delicious. I can relax with good meals while enjoying the garden. Wine bar lounge can accommodate only 6 guests. It was Miho san who said she had ANTEPRIMA bag.
* Photo next
Yoshitomi Sushi. The chef makes sushi round and gentle as if it were rice ball which only my mother could make, and which is a little different from Sushi in Tokyo.
* Photo next
Ichibokuan (Fukuoka, Shirogane) is operated by MYMON under membership. The music selection and music system are good. It is reliable only for members with membership card.
* Photo next
Finally Fukuwaraji in Kagoshima. Mr. & Mrs. Yanagida who operate Maruya Gardens took me there. I like the food because I had fish everyday.