Tuesday, June 19, 2012

40th Fenix Group

長年荻野とパートナーを組んで働いてきたAnthony Kyong スピーチから2年があっと言う間に過ぎ昨日40周年を迎える事が出来ました。

同グループでライフスタイル新提案と向上を目指しているCITY SUPER THOMAS WOOは2011年の中国最優秀企業家に選ばれ、世界大会が行われたMONACOから昨日戻り、パーティーに参加しました。



Yesterday Fenix had 40th anniversary party after 2 years when Mr. Anthony Keung, the long term partner of Ogino, made a speech.
All of us have some issues to solve everyday, have tried to overcome with stress and to solve the the problem. After 27 years, I joined the team and today I was in the center of cake-cut.
Thomas Woo, Citysuper - one of group companies suggests new life-style, was selected the Best Entrepreneur in China 2011 and joined the party after Monaco, where International Best Entrepreneur prize award was held.
Citysuper is the best company in the group.
I want to learn many from Thomas.
Rain stopped and he talked future vision with Ogino in beautiful night view.
May I wish Fenix to have 45th anniversary in coming 5 years.