Friday, May 11, 2012

Sport- Elegant






I focused Sport in 2012 spring summer. Weather became warm but fall winter early fall items will be delivered soon, and the buying of 2013 spring summer will begin. I need to think about concept before 2013-2014 fall winter yarn exhibition Pitti Filati in July.
I always think where the world will go, how the world will be and how I will be as a woman before decision of theme. I want to spend time happily, to be sexy, to smile gently and to enjoy life... I wonder if I can live life demanding like this?
When I see Japan from outside, Japan can not live by themselves but the government has no firm policy and they just pull legs each other. Energy is not enough but over 8 millions of people who were born between 1947 and 1949 will receive retirement pension. Japan does not have enough income but can not control expenses. I have short knowledge of economy but even me feel the value of Japanese currency will dramatically go down in 2013-2014. I am sure Japanese economy will become even worse after rising consumption tax and that will lead to economy crisis. China and Russia will become big markets. People in town with shopping bags looks enjoyable. Before thinking about 2013-2014 theme, I want to got to Russia and Peking.