Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Italian cuisine in Hong Kong




I came back to Hong Kong and had Italian dinner with MD team. It was nice Italian food but I want to enjoy the local food such as Italian food in Italy, Chinese food in Hong Kong and Japanese food in Japan. It is off course that the best food is the country food. Maybe, this is because food material and history are different. So that means fashion could be the same.
I could adjust jet lag in Italy and now I have six hours time difference, which is very hard for me. I want to fly around more in the world but I can not continue to sleep in the air over one month a year. It is likely the pilots have retirement age. I make my schedule less than half this year.
If I can not fly around the world, it is good to have Italian or Japanese in Hong Kong, Italian or Chinese in Japan. But Italian is only delicious in Italy. I doubt my dinner to have Italian in Hong Kong right after returning from Italy? This idea is finished, no more next time.