Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hong Kong Art festival 2012

Hong Kong Art Festival が17日から始まる。
サンプルチェック終了後,Alan に招待されGallery 27 へ。
今晩もLane Crawford 主催のアート展に招待されたが、ミラノから2日間だけスタッフが入りサンプルチェック。アートを楽しむ時間は無さそう。ランチを食べながらサイトを訪れブログアップして終了。残念!。

Gallery 27では、マルチメディア アーティストの先駆けとして知られる、野村仁さんの作品を展示していました。彼は、「物が時間によって成り立っているこの世界とは?」と言う事に関心を持ち、写真に音響を合わせたりなどして、美術表現をしています。
Hong Kong Art Festival will start from 17th.
Opening party will continue anywhere everyday from tonight.
I went to Gallery 27 invited by Alan after sample check. I was invited to his art exhibition of Lane Crawford but I don't have time to enjoy art because staff came from Italy only for two days for sample check. I only visited the internet site and uploaded in my blog during lunch, that's all. It is really regret.
Mr. Jin Nomura who is known as a pioneer of multi media artist,  exhibits his art in Gallery 27. He is interested in [everything consists of time in this world] and he mixes photos and sounds together for his art creation. His art is surely interesting. To see real art is totally different to see it just on internet site.