Monday, April 23, 2012

New Shop Open

Times Square HongKongに、新コンセプトショップANTEPRIMA wire shopがオープンしました。このビルの地下にはCitySuperもあり地元の人達に人気のビルです。

そして、5月1日にはLee Garden shop がリニューアルします。
11月にはHarbour Cityと新店舗オープンが続きます。


ANTEPRIMA wire shop is open with new concept in Times Square Hong Kong. There is Citysuper in basement floor in this building, where many local people go for shopping. More shops to come in Lee Garden on 1 May and Harbour City in November. The economy in Hong Kong is supported by the mainland Chinese tourists. They make lines and wait to go into the boutiques, which recalls me bubble economy of Japan. I think this will continue for some time. Is it India after China?