Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hong Kong Sightseeing Guidance



成長し続ける中国をバックに、香港は特別行政区 (2047年まで)、フリーポートとして好景気に沸いている。消費が活発なので、世界中からすばらしい商品が集まってくる。そして、もちろん優秀な人材も集まり、その人達が昼夜町へ繰り出して、エキサイトなシーンを作り出している。
I played a part of a tourist guide for Japanese magazine, which I have not been for long time.( I will tell you the publishing date later). I had design meeting with staff from Milan in the morning in the office. Usually the shooting has Hair & Make-up and stylist, but there is nothing this time believing Mr. Hataguchi who lives in Milan will put me nice shooting.  I also did style by myself with my own according to the scene with 3 sets of coordination of yellow, gray and black. I enjoyed shooting because I gave him some shooting suggestion what I did when I was new in fashion business. The magazine will mainly introduce good view. Hong Kong enjoys good business under China's growth until the year of 2047 as a tax-free port. Quick consumption carries good products and capable people to Hong Kong, and these people creates the exciting scene in town.