Monday, March 19, 2012

HK Leaser show.

昨夜はすっきりと晴れた香港。Laser showも綺麗に観る事ができました。

お仕事のついでに、ANTEPRIMA、CITY SUPER ロンドン出店よろしく!!。
Hong Kong had a clear sky last night so Laser Show was also clear. I had farewell dinner of Mr. Ohashi, Mizuho Bank because he will be transferred to London. He will be busy between London, New York and other Europe places every month. The jet-lag for 6 hours would be tough for him. Please take care of yourself. Don't forget about Hong Kong. Please come to Milan. Please also help business development of ANTEPRIMA and Citysuper in London to introduce cool fashion & delicious food to the world.