Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Design meeting. ..102Floor Restraint  The Lung Heen


こんな時はバックに偲ばせてあるLF5オイルを髪と肌に刷り込み口紅をつけ、お気に入りJEAN PATOU 1000オーデコロンをつける。それで少しはパサパサした仕事気分に、さようならが出来る。

今晩はRitzCarltonの103階のロビーから、一階下にエスカレーターで降りた102階にあるThe Lung Heenで雑誌社の方々にご馳走になった。(103階までエレベーターは59秒。)
It has been already one month since starting of 2013 SS project. I finished seasonal colors and materials, so need to make samples. Annalia, the designer came from Milan but she will go back tonight with only 2 nights in Hong Kong. We could not do like this way if we did not like the job. I went to dinner place without changing but tonight is not special. In this situation, I put LF5 oil to my hair and skin and lip color and put JEAN PATOU 1000 for finish. So I can change my mood. The dinner was in Tin Lung Heen on 102nd floor in Ritz Carlton Hotel on 103rd floor. (elevator took 59 seconds to reach to 103rd floor). This restaurant is hard to make reservation for 3 months ahead. Everyday is full for good view as well as Italian restaurant next door. But it becomes foggy in late night and we can not see the ground.