Thursday, February 9, 2012

MILAN FASHION WEEK 22~28 Feb 2012 Calender



来週パリではPV(2013年春夏 プルミエール ヴィジョン)素材展が始まる。

Has this MILAN FASHION WEEK calendar been confirmed? Confirmation will not be done until last minutes every time that makes me anxious. ANTEPRIMA 2012-2013 FW Fashion Show will be at 8pm on 23 February. Calendar will not wait for us. Doing review on buying of wirebag and Misto, we need to step forward to next project. 2013 SS Premier Vision will be held in Paris next week. We will order woven in Premier Vision while we finished order yarn in PITTI held in Florence in January. At the same time, we will do some research and visit Anouschka - Antique shop. I will visit Anouschka with my designers since it is just 10 days before ANTEPRIMA Show. My mind is busy with projects ahead. Fashion makes us devoted to ourselves. We will search the facts which drives us to work.