Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy new year 2012!!







A Happy New Year!
I came back from Hawaii, and then I will fly to Hong Kong tomorrow so I expect many flights this year, too.
According to a fortune teller, this year is best for people who was born in the year of Goat, xxxx year, and blood type x -it is me. Fortune teller says that hard work is a key point and I could reach to higher expectation if I did my best. But this can say to everybody. I will try to believe myself this year is best one.
The key is hard work but I will try not to miss out what I am while I will be very busy. When luck comes to me, I want to appreciate it right away and say thank you to the sky and to everyone of you.
I hope I can believe the power of fashion and live with good sense in the year of 2012.
(remarks) photo above
This is new year red pocket for year of Dragon collaborated with Sanrio. Dragon Kitty wire bag is also made and is on sale.