Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hawaii Waikiki ANTEPRIMA wire shop 5years!!




香港、日本に続いて3度目の誕生会も日本人経営のイタリアレストランTAORIMINAでしてもらい、ウニのスパゲティーに大好きな白ワインを飲んで大満足。最後にワイキキストリートにANTEPRIMAトータルショップ(ANTEPRIMA. WIRE-SHOP  MISTO)をオープンしたいとケーキに願い込めてろうそくを吹き消しました。

I did not come to Hawaii for 4 years after 1st aanniversary shop opening. I did not remember Hawaii was so cold during this time of year.
ANTEPRIMA Wire Shop in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center had 5th anniversary yesterday. I was so glad that shop staff said the sales would reach record-breaking including Alamoana shop.The shop was introduced in TV and magazines, so I had many interview the day before yesterday. I was tired also because of jet-lag, but I was cheered by the climate in Hawaii and shop staff's hospitality. My 3rd birthday celebration after Hong Kong and Japan was held in Italian Restaurant - TAORIMINA owned by a Japanese. I was happy with Uni Spaghetti and my favorite white wine. At last, I brew off candles in the cake by wishing a new ANTEPRIMA total shop (combined ANTEPRIMA, Wire and Misto) in Waikiki Street. I will come back to Hawaii for total shop opening next year or a year after next?