Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final party!



新しく始まったANTEPRIMA ウエディング(ライセンス)のショーも終え、本日は楽しくクリスマスパーティー。ANTEPRIMAジャパン個性あふれる役員男性チーム。私を含め、大勢の手ごわい女性を相手に毎日奮闘。

I have been flying between Rome, Hong Kong and Tokyo. I want everybody say " ANTEPRIMA is shinny and elegant. I feel cheerful when I go and carry ANTEPRIMA in town". I will he happy if someone becomes cheerful with ANTEPRIMA. That's why I can not say "I am tired"  I finished the show of ANTEPRIMA Wedding Dress (on licensing) so all the staff enjoyed Christmas party. The Photo shows ANTEPRIMA Japan's male directors with strong personality. They have been doing best to work with strong female staff including me. I will fly to Hong Kong on Sunday for continuous meetings. After Hong Kong, I will come back to Tokyo first and then to Hawaii, where ANTEPRIMA Wirebag will celebrate 5th anniversary. I will finish this year with the fashion power, and will start preparation for ANTEPRIMA Fashion Show in Milan on 19 Feb.