Friday, November 25, 2011

Since 1988? 1987?





24 years ago, I was in charge of business development of Prada in Far East region. I did not have many friends in Hong Kong but I met Mr. Budde in the party for children with Down Syndrome organized by Italian community. We had a happy memories like visited many bistros together with him in Paris, France. He game much idea for Masaaki's birthday party held every 5 years started from his 50th years old in poolside in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, following by cruise party, which Mr. Budde came up with the birthday cake on the life saver's boat with siren, chef's chorus, chain dance through kitchen to JJ Bar, and competition for decorating birthday cakes during my birthday.
Afterwards, I had some changes and started ANTEPRIMA. I have been busy travelling world but he is always kind to receive me with warm friendship and smile.
He is a chef of Hyatt in Guam newly built, so I wonder if my 60th birthday party could be in Guam or should I ask him to come to Japan?  but first, I need to start planning 20th anniversary of ANTEPRIMA.
I plan to introduce 2013 Spring Summer Milan fashion show collaborating with a fresh designer. I have been busy with Fall Winter Milan fashion show held on 19 February 2012.