Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr.Masaaki Ogino 70s Birthday


香港グランドハイアットにて、初代グランドシェフ Mr.Buddiはグアムから、友人達も世界中から駆けつけてくれました。




Masaaki Ogino became 70 years old and had his 70th birthday party in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. The first chef of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Chef Budde came from Guam, many friends came from all over the world. Kaori, daughter and Hideki, son and three grandchildren also came. It was a truly happy 70th birthday party. Thomas, Citysuper - Masaaki is a chairman, was chosen as the best entrepreneur 2011 and the company increased 50% sales. Citysuper has been doing well so far. ANTEPRIMA have made a breaking record in Hawaii and opened a new shop in Rome, Italy so ANTEPRIMA is also so far so good. Masaaki made his speech to show his appreciation toward health, job, family and everybody's warm friendship, and also mentioned that he would like to go into the field of education in both Hong Kong and Japan after his retirement. Thank you very much, everybody!