Thursday, November 3, 2011

11月5日に青山で行われるThe Color of Hope トークショーに駆け付けます。

そして、11月9日 Via del babuino147 にオープン予定のANTEPRIMA Roma店へ。




I will fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo tomorrow. I will run to the talk show of The Color of Hope held in Aoyama on 5 Nov, then after the event, I will fly to Rome where ANTEPRIMA will open a shop in Via Del Babuino 147 on 9 Nov. November is busy for me and fly around the world with many meetings and dinners from the mornings to the evenings. I feel 24 hours a day is too short. It is hard for me to keep being cheerful so my mind is messy. Tonight, I did not drink alcohol but drink a cup of tea with Manuka Honey and I am writing this blog. Everybody, please take care of yourself.