Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hong Kong National day.


昨晩は、若井さんのお招きで、熊丸大使御夫妻、Mr.John Tsang(香港財務長官)御夫妻と森ビルの真田さんと楽しくお寿司。


新開発はまたMr.Norman Fosterが手掛けるのですか?「予算と供に検討中」

Today is National Day of China. Hong Kong has a festive feeling with fireworks from 9pm. Last night, I had Sushi with Mr. & Mrs. Kumamaru –Consul General of Japan, Mr. & Mrs. John Tsang – Finance Secretary of HKSAR and Mr. Sanada of Mori Building invited by Ms. Wakai. I made a lot of questions to Mr. John Tsang. He is probably used to receive and answer many questions because his reply is very quick and clear.
When does Hong Kong and Macau connect each other ? – in year of 2016
Mr. Norman Foster will take care of development? – considering with budget
Do flats become more expensive? – slightly going down
Why does typhoon have number 8 right after No 3?- in the past, No 4,5,6,7 were also indicated but people’s concern became to only issue whether or not schools or office were closed so that’s why there are only No 8 right after No 3.