Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Kitty Odile, Lloyd

ミラノのショーに応援に来てくれたHello Kitty様。

ヘアーはOdile、メイクはLloyd そしてスタイリングは私。








東京へは11月5日のFASHION'S NIGHT OUT ANTEPRIMA青山店でのLeslie (写真家)との対談に戻り、そしてローマへ。

11月9日にANTEPRIMA ROMA店オープンパーティーです。

Dear Ms. Hello Kitty

Thank you for attending Milan fashion show.

Hair was done by Odile, make-up by Lloyd and styling by me.

You cheer us up in midst of such tiring and busy schedule before Show.

One month has just gone-by after your visit in Milan, now I am working in Milan – Hong Kong – Shanghai -  HokkaidoTokyoSendai. Today I am working on 2012 & 2013 Fall Winter project. I will do presentation to the licensees tomorrow. Many exhibitions will take place in Tokyo during Tokyo Collection from mid Oct to mid Nov. My mind has been flying back & forth across different seasons. Are the seasons wrong in timing? Fall Winter products be introduced in mid June – hottest time in a year, and Spring Summer products be introduced in Dec in coldest time in a year. I guess exchanging could be good? So sometimes I got mixed up among seasons and occasionally need to ask somebody “which season are we talking about?” That’s why it has been some time not updating this blog. I will go to Kyoto in weekend and then Hong Kong next week. I will come back to Tokyo again for Fashion Night Out on 5 Nov in ANTEPRIMA Aoyama and have a talk with Leslie. Afterwards, I will go to Rome for shop opening. Will I see you in Rome during my stay?