Sunday, September 18, 2011

Casting by Daniel Peddle

NY コレクションを終え昨日ミラノ入りしたDanie Peddle.







Daniel Peddle came to Milan yesterday after New York Fashion Week.

I always rely on both of them for model casting. It is of course because they are professional, but I am impressed that they remember all information like models' name, face and body remarks. When they choose models, since this is fashion show, catwalk is most concerned. Walking just straight without any persistence looks easy but actually it is not easy it's the most difficult.

We need models with not big shoulders, not big hips or breasts, nice skin, healthy looking and no big cheek bones, so our standard becomes higher and higher. With my high requests like these, they will deal with model agents. They are very reliable with the sense of beauty but what I like most is their personality.

Today when a new model, who was not in our list, came for audition, they were kind enough to give her comment [don’t put heavy make-up by yourself. Walk naturally]. They don’t let models wait so long. It is common sense but they are very precious in fashion business, because some fashion people are too proud of themselves and lead misunderstandings.

I think I will have good casting this time, too. I will hire 24-25 models for show.