Sunday, August 14, 2011

Banyan tree private collection / BTPC

世界中のBanyan Tree所有のビラを年間2週間使用する権利を2年前に購入しました。









Two years ago, I have bought a villa ownership in Banyan Tree which is operated world-wide, and I am entitled to two weeks’ stay a year. I have got work and I have got other places I want to visit, so it is hard to spend all the entitlement every year. The entitlement can be carried forward to next year so I always plan and dream where I should go for coming year. This time, I have come to Banyan Tree in Phuket and stayed in a double pool villa. Since my husband and I have got three working stations e.g. Hong Kong, Tokyo & Italy and we know it is very hard to maintain our own place to live, we have never dreamed of buying a summer house or a second house. This Banyan Tree has system of buy / sell / heritage and has 10 places with direct operation, and nearly 50 associate operation in all over the world. The cleaning of villa, cook, baby sitter, maid and driver are all ready moreover I can cook if I want in villa kitchen or I can ask a cook to cook for us. All my Italian friends like to have a summer house but all of them have headache with maintenance e.g. cleaning of garden, swimming pool, vineyard and olive field. That’s why I always think it is very hard to maintain when I look at their beautiful summer houses. Some of my friends think of opening maid school because it is hard to get good maids in Italy, It is same in Japan, too. However in Hong Kong and Thailand, they have many manpower so I don’t have the problem. Also Banyan Tree is a hotel so they are very good in this aspect. I can make complaints if there are any problems. In private villa, there is a butler in charge and we are given his mobile phone number open for 24 hours so it is good and a relief. As a result, I believe that Banyan Tree villa ownership is a good purchase and much better than purchasing our own summer house.