Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good bye Amy Winehouse


昨日27歳の若さで自宅で死去したAmy Winehouse。

原因はまだ不明と言う事だが、薬物、アルコール依存症 オーバードーズの疑いがあるらしい。








It was March 1, 2008 on FENDI Stage in Paris. I remember I felt mysterious power in Amy WInehouse with her vibrating sensitive voice of singing.
Amy Winehouse died at home at the age of 27 yesterday. Newspaper says the reason for her death was not clear yet it is doubted to relate with drug or alcohol abuse.
Study says the beginning of drug abuse or getting alcoholic is slow and hard to detect. Alcohol makes brain remember drinking action and desire of drinking becomes increasing.
She got Freshman Award and other 5 categories awards in Grammy Award in 2008 and ranked no 1 in USA and 2nd in UK. At that time, she was already having drug problem so visa was not granted. And she was in the hospital for rehabilitation.
Ermanno who worked with her for a few times says that she was different from celebrities who drew people’s attention for being on gossip. She made him smile on her truly pure innocent actions. It is my regret that it was drug or alcohol for her to escape from sadness or unbalanced emotion after hard time, even though I understand her feelings, which made her hate herself and run away from reality.
I take deep breath today and want to walk around night city for a while.