Saturday, July 30, 2011

EARTH 2011

Live broadcast by Ustream

水野誠一さんのお誘いで、早朝から慶応義塾大学 日吉キャンパス藤原洋記念ホールへ。

アースリングトーク 第一日目茂木健一郎 X 水野誠一

一日目は菱川勢一 さん、岡田武史さん、久保田晃弘さん、山中俊冶さん、佐藤卓さん。




I joined Mr. Seiichi Mizuno from early in the morning and went to the hall in Hiyoshi Campus of Keio University. It is a lecture of earth people - earth ring talk. The lecturers on the 1st day are Mr. Kenichiro Mogi vs Mr. Seiichi Mizuno. The color of the earth has been blue and is it still now? These 2 days makes 30 earth people think about possibility of human.
The talks on 1st day was by Mr. Seiichi Hishikawa, Mr. Takeshi Okada, Mr. Akihiro Kubota, Mr. Shunji Yamanaka and Mr. Suguru Sato who try their best to do anything with the imagination, the dream and the love. It was a wonderful talk.
I confirmed that a new vision becomes clear after trying best on something just in front of us. I want to believe in my power of design and pass on the beautiful earth to the next generation.