Sunday, June 12, 2011

3months from Tohoku Earthquake・Rabbit hole









It has been three months since the earthquake in Japan. I wonder how those who lost their beloved ones or precious memories could live with sadness. I think the movie – Rabbit Hole tells us the only cure is that Time. No-one including yourself, friends nor family members can heal your sadness. But no matter how heavy the sadness is, it will turn small as if you could bring it along in your pocket and you will have more time to forget about it. However, it will go along with you the rest of your life. The sadness is still there if you put your hand into the pocket. Time can heal and you will start to think it is not too bad to bring it with you. My friend told me “A monk told me ‘time will solve’ and I thought ‘Bullshit, I will never forget about it. But I started to think I had enough after 7 years”. I wonder how many years will be needed for those who are affected.