Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beach Walk





ストレッチクラスでは、No pain, No gain! Enjoy your pain!! とトレーナーに毎日言われる。

I get up at 7am and walk to the Golden Buddha everyday.
This is my pray in thanks for my recovery .
There is 3.5km single and 7km for return from the hotel to the buddha and I swim afterwards everyday.
(This is a publicity here with my ANTEPRIMA 99%UV protect hat which is very good. I regret I did not bring ANTEPRIMA gloves for walk. Only my hands got sun-tan.)

I exercise under the sun with full nutrition and water. This is simple and makes me recover but this simple action is hard to keep in daily life.
My trainer tells me everyday in the stretch class “NO PAIN NO GAIN. Enjoy your pain”
I think the same for work too.