Tuesday, May 10, 2011





バンコク一番のショッピングモールSIAM PARAGON を訪れた。





I walked from the beach to the hill that you can see in the photo, with 15km distance. I did it!
I thought the pain would stay for the whole life when I discharged from the hospital in Hong Kong just 1 day from the earthquake.
I became more anxious due to earthquake. I could not hold the rice bowl so I worried so much. All the doctors I consulted told me to cure naturally, and Mrs. Midori Mizuno (Kiuchi) sent her message through Twitter saying “ don’t do operation~!”
She was totally right. I just walked powerfully under the sun everyday keeping good standing posture. My shoulders and back which were so stiff as stone are now getting soft.
I will walk for 15km tomorrow, too. I wonder if I can recover in 2 months although I was told that recovery would take 3 months.
I will have 2012 design meeting in Hong Kong on May 11.
I think I can work well.