Monday, May 16, 2011

Alexei and the spring










The spring water in the village of the mother land, which was polluted by nuclear, was still beautifully well coming out from the ground
What kind of richness did human want for these one hundred years?
[The spring] tells the place in a small village of Berar Republic in Chernobyl, Russia where the nuclear power station explored in 26 April 1986. The schools, vegetable fields and forests were affected by radiation but it was very mysterious that this spring had no influence by radiation. The villagers proudly answered “why?” “Because this water comes 100 years ago” “The spring has been continuing well off from the ground”.
This movie just shows the village life which has no infrastructure and with simple farmers’ life, but finally I wanted to cry because I felt ashamed for not able to answer the questions on which this movie asked each question for 1 hour 45 minutes to me who lives life in the rich but many uncertainties. I appreciate the organizer of the movie show such as Mrs. Midori Mizuno (Kiuchi). This movie is hot now.