Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nanami + Jamie Belton Wedding

ジェイミー ベルトン さんと アンテプリマ広報ナナミさんが結婚しました。

ジェイミーさんは、ハーフで構成するアート集団 HArts の主催者だと知りました。






Mr. Jamie Belton and Nanami, PR of ANTEPRIMA, tied a knot.
Jamie is a founding member of Harts which is operated by the group of half-Japanese artists. I’d love to talk to him next time~.
Nanami, came out in the wedding reception holding a White bear Wirebag. She is keen on PR job for ANTEPRIMA. Some girls are excited about the Wirebag and keep asking ‘What is that bear? Is that Wirebag?”
When she changed her dress, she came out with a gorgeous look carrying a glittering light purple Wirebag and the dress was made by Ayumi san who is a member of Izumi team.
Jamie came out with a glass of Sapporo Beer on his shoulder and he poured beer to everybody’s glass in a cool way.
In the finale, they gave oil paintings of their childhood to their parents. His father almost cried and was so happy. The wedding is cozy with special taste and excitement. I also cried with joyful tears. Congratulations!