Friday, February 18, 2011

Count down start in Milano





* 2月22日(火曜) ファイナルフィッテング開始。(決定したモデルを呼んで、寸法を合わせる)

* 2月23日(水曜)ファイナルフィッティング終了。最終ショー順番を決める。

*2月24日 Piazza Duomo Pm8:00~ ANTEPRIMA 2011/2012 F/W show.


Count down start in Milano

I will start preparing for fashion show from tomorrow. Invitation cards will be ready tomorrow.
*Feb 19-Sat Sample check
*Feb 20-Sun Model casting with Daniel, casting director from New York. At the same time, sequence of looks needs to be discussed.
* Feb 21-Mon Continue model casting. Final decision on sequence of looks.
*Feb 22-Tue Start final fitting. (fitting with the real models)
*Feb 23-Wed Complete final fitting. Hair designer Odile and Make-up artist, Lloyd will arrive from Paris. Final meeting with Tamura san for music and production.
*Feb 24Piazza Duomo Pm8:00~ ANTEPRIMA 2011/2012 F/W show.
We will have a big tent at the show venue in Duomo. One side of the tent is transparent and another side is facing towards Duomo