Saturday, February 5, 2011

Asakusa good restaurant (美味しい浅草)







*下記荻津さん お勧めの浅草を御紹介します。是非一度訪れてみてくださいませ。

竹やぶ お蕎麦 03-3888-5697

並木やぶそば お蕎麦 03-3841-1340

桜鍋 中江  03-3872-5398

鴨鍋 大黒屋 03-3874-2986

「てっちり」かねまん ふぐ  03-3666-3717

高瀬 お寿司  03-3873-4757

喜美松 やきとり 03-3874-5471

尾花 うなぎ 03-3801-4670/03-3803-1839

浅草 グリル グランド 3874-2351


*ニュー王将  居酒屋 03-3875-1066

*佐久良 グリルレストラン 03-3873-8520

*鳥せん 焼き鳥  03-3875-8400

*初小川 うなぎ 03-3844-2723

*とり幸 とり鍋 03-3874-4367

*バッハ コーヒー 03-3875-2669


ANTEPRIMA licensed shoes have received “The Buyers Awards” for the 2nd time.
The shoes production is done by Moda Clea. Mr. Ogitsu of Moda Clea and myself visited TOMITA (leather material). After that, we have had a very nice dinner. Mr. Ogitsu’s grand-father started making shoes first place in Japan, so Mr. Ogitsu’s passion towards shoes has been very strong. I respect his sensitive care and mind of challenges. Mr. Ogitsu took me to Daikokuya Restaurant of duck hot-pot where he always goes ever since his childhood. I looked at his way of taking meals which made me understand that his attitude towards his products was the same as the way he treated food, very polite and respectful, one by one.
First, put only duck into the pot, and then shabu-shabu spinach. Roll tofu in the pot and make it just warm, and then eat it. I was surprised the taste became much more delicious than ever.
* Below is Mr. Ogitsu’s favorite restaurants, so feel free to check them out. All the restaurants should be very relaxing and nice.

*竹やぶ (Takeyabu) お蕎麦 03-3888-5697

*並木やぶそば (Namiki Yabusoba) お蕎麦 03-3841-1340

*桜鍋 中江 (Sakuranabe Nakae) 03-3872-5398

*鴨鍋 大黒屋 (Kamobane Daikokuya) 03-3874-2986

*「てっちり」かねまん ふぐ(Kamanen Fugu)  03-3666-3717

*高瀬 お寿司 (Takase Sushi) 03-3873-4757

*喜美松 やきとり (Kimimatsu Yakitori) 03-3874-5471

*尾花 うなぎ (Obana Unagi) 03-3801-4670/03-3803-1839

*浅草 グリル グランド (Asakusa Grill Grand) 3874-2351