Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steve Jobs


2004年に膵臓癌で入院したスティーブ ジョブス さんは見事に復帰したけれど、また体調を崩してしまったようだ。本当に残念。









It is still dark here 7:15am in Milan as if it was mid-night.
A news running throughout the world today.
Mr. Steve Jobs had recovered from pancreatic cancer after hospitalization in 2004 but it is my regret that he is again not well.
Below are my favorite words of his.
*Time is limited. I don’t have time to live life for somebody else.
*If thinking everyday that today could be the last day of life, the day bringing the correct answer would come true in the future.
*The connection among points of experiences in life will not be understood or noticed until things happened. If believing that the current point would connect to other points, you will walk with confidence although you walk in a different way from others.
*When you want to have a date with a girl, are you going to send her 15 roses if you know that your rival is sending her 10 roses? If you would think so, you will be defeated on that moment. Whatever your rival does, is not what matters. What does that girl really want?
* Marketing is a Drama, extremely speaking.
*Say that you have done a wonderful job before going to bed.
I am thinking about him who has been living according to his words.